Steve Amundson

Greenhouse Consultant

Previous:  Grower, Production Manager, Facilities Manager

I have been involved in all aspects of running a modern greenhouse facility.  I started on a construction crew for the first greenhouse structure built on site.  I stayed on as the 1st greenhouse employee.  Growing tomatoes year-round since 1990 in Minnesota.  Inter-planting since 1992; Priva Climate and labor systems since 1991.  Using artificial lighting since 2000. 

Next Step Consulting

I have been involved in growing tomatoes,  cumbers, lettuce and herbs.   Currently 20 acres (8ha).   Been on numerous trips to top producers in Europe and worked with some of the best consultants through the years.

Twenty-five years as a grower, production manager, facilities and maintenance manager for one of the premier greenhouse companies in the upper Midwest.

Experience in year-round growing, counter cyclical growing, inter-planting, 15 years of experience of growing with artificial lighting.  Growing for quality, flavor and profitability for more than 25 years in state-of-the-art greenhouse systems.  Experience with labor planning and project planning and irrigation, heating, venting strategies.

Contacts around the United States and the world.  Experience in multiple  greenhouse expansion projects.

Knowledge of Priva Climate Control and Labor Systems.  Researched automated lettuce and herb growing systems for a one acre greenhouse system.

If you are ready to take the next step to improve production, quality, efficiency, and overall profitability, please give me a call.